What is a data center?

There are very few companies today that do not rely on computers in one form or another to aid them with their business. The application of computers can be from the simplest desk mounted PC to huge data centers which house a company’s mainframe computer, power supply backup and security applications. Much of the equipment is connected by data center cables, some of which feature bayonet or twist locking to ensure total integrity of the electrical power being carried.

A typical example of a data center that most people will be aware of can be found at a large bank or other institution handling financial data. Set off in a highly secure room will be the bank mainframe computer which is where all customer and other pertinent data is stored. Another common place to find a large data center is a university; here the computer system is used to store student records and personal information on the staff and student body as well as all the universities assets.

Data center cables can include those cables used for power as well as data transfer within the center. Major data centers are not dependent on one computer, there are also back up computers and drives which are used to protect against data loss in the event of a failure in the mainframe. These backup components are dependent on electric power as well as battery backup, it is here where secure power cables are employed.

Within an entire data center there is a wide array of electronics installed, this includes gateways, routers, hubs and switches. All of this equipment is used to move signals to the correct place in the network.

All of these devices are routinely called signal managers. As information travels along the network the destination is read by a signal manager, the manager then routes the signal to the next stop and so on until the signal reaches its destination. Other types of data center cables are used to transmit these signals, there are a number of different configurations depending on the hardware. Generally speaking, a full quarter of all problems in a data center are cable related so installing the best will avoid problems later on which can include trouble shooting miles of cable.

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