Discussing The Benefits Of A Skilled Nursing Facility In Lubbock

by | Feb 14, 2014 | Health

A skilled nursing facility in Lubbock provides your senior with a safe environment in which he or she can receive around the clock care. These facilities offer semi-private and private rooms based on your preferences. The staff takes great strides in making your senior feel more at home and comfortable. Your senior additionally has the opportunity to cultivate friendships with other residents and has access to common areas in which they may read, watch television, or visit.

Considering a Nursing Facility

Caring for a senior loved one who is suffering and progressive declining due to Alzheimer’s can become overwhelming. This disease advances quickly and without warning which ultimately causes your senior loved one to become completely incapacitated. When your senior progresses to mid to late stage Alzheimer’s it may be necessary for you to choose a nursing facility for them as they will require around the clock care. A stay within a nursing facility within a rehabilitation program is your best option for gauging your senior’s comfort levels within these facilities and it will give you a short-term break.

Local Nursing Facility

Crown Point Health Suites offers your senior with an assisted living environment which keeps them safe and comfortable at all times. Your senior has access to medical care at any time of the day or night as needed. This facility additionally provided rehabilitation services to allow seniors to heal after surgery or injuries worry-free. This facility provides rehab services for Alzheimer’s patients as an option to assist loved ones through these troubling times.


With access to a Skilled Nursing Facility in Lubbock, you may place your senior within a rehabilitation service if he or she is at the middle stages of Alzheimer’s and you need time to re-cooperate. You may also place your senior loved one within these service programs after hip surgery in which he or she need additional care during the recovery process. A skilled nursing facility is also idyllic for late stage Alzheimer’s and dementia patients as it provides added security and immediate access to medical care.

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