The Importance of Utilizing Confidential Document Shredding in Orange County

Operating a business can often mean that you and your staff will either generate or obtain documents that contain information which may sometimes be sensitive in nature. When this is the case, it is important to keep certain information confidential and ensure that it is disposed of properly when the time comes to do so.

Simply disposing of these sensitive documents through the use of conventional garbage services such as public dumpsters is generally not a good idea. When you are dealing with the personal information of your clients or customers or you are concerned with the confidentiality of certain information pertaining to your business, it is usually best to utilize the services of a local company such as that offers confidential document Shredding in Orange County.

Listed below is a brief overview of how one such service might work when utilized in your business:

The Collection Process –

Secure paper bins are placed strategically throughout your facility. The number of bins and their placement can vary depending upon your specific needs. All documents containing sensitive and confidential information should be placed in these bins.

Pickup by the Service Provider –

At designated times, such as when the bins reach capacity, your service provider will come to your facility and secure the bins so that nobody has access to them. The bins are then taken either to a secured shredding facility or to a mobile shredding unit that will be brought to the business site. The documents are then thoroughly destroyed with no risk of exposure to anyone that should not have access to your sensitive information.

Processing and Invoices –

During pickup, the service provider will make a record of how much material they have destroyed, without having to look at any specific documents within the security bins. That volume information is then used to generate an invoice which can be sent directly to the appropriate person within your organization using secure communication.

It really is as simple as the steps listed above. While protecting your company’s sensitive information is a very important matter, it does not have to be a difficult one when properly handles. Utilizing the services of local companies providing confidential document Shredding in Orange County Shredding in Orange County is a safe, simple, and secure method for disposing of your sensitive information without breaking the bank.


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