Tooth Bleaching in Scottsdale for a Brilliant Smile

A beautiful smile gives people the impression of energy, good health, and happiness. A common procedure that can restore the proper color of teeth is dental bleaching. Bleaching can even transform teeth to a whiter and brighter appearance than their original color. To decide if a bleaching treatment is the right treatment to improve a person’s smile, a dentist who offers cosmetic bleaching treatments can provide an evaluation of the client’s oral condition. Tooth Bleaching in Scottsdale offers professional options to lighten and brighten patient’s smiles. Studies show that people place a high value on an attractive smile, and bleaching a person’s teeth is an affordable way to achieve it.

There are several reasons that cause teeth to become shaded or discolored. The usual causes of darkened teeth include different types of foods, antibiotics, genetics, and general aging. Early exposure to trauma, high levels of fluoride, tooth decay, and root canal issues can be some of the causes of internal tooth discoloration. Foods and drinks such as tea and coffee can cause external tooth discoloration. Eating foods that contain tannic acid such as oranges and carrots will cause staining and fading. Smoking is also a predominant factor in tooth discoloration.

The preferred method for whitening teeth is having the procedure performed in a dental office. With Tooth Bleaching in Scottsdale, the dentist will apply stronger whitening agents and knows the proper procedure to protect the gums and the mouth. One of the more effective bleaching treatments uses a buffer in the gel that can protect the tooth from damage and will result in a smile that becomes up to ten shades lighter in approximately one hour. How long a bleaching procedure lasts depends on daily care and maintenance as well as regular follow up home whitening to maintain the original treatment. Bleaching treatments can cause tooth sensitivity in some people after a session, but sensitivity cases are easily controlled.

A consultation with the dentist will determine the best procedure to eliminate any sensitivity issues. To determine if a tooth bleaching session is appropriate for the patient, contact CJ Dentistry to answer any questions regarding the process.

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