Tackling A Clogged Drain

No matter where you live in Connecticut, you are sure to be faced with a clogged drain. This is a common plumbing problem. A plumber in Darien CT can help. He or she understands both the major causes and the ways to address the problem.

Causal Factors of these Types of Plumbing Problems

The reasons a pipe, sink, toilet or drain may be clogged vary. In general, the most common reason for a clogged drain is a narrowing of the pipe. This can come from the natural build-up of sediment if the pipe is an old galvanized pipe. The problem may also be the result of the introduction of a foreign object. Children have flushed down almost anything you can think of down the toilet. A plumber in Darien CT is used to finding such things as toys, entire rolls of toilet paper, cloths, clothing items and other objects stuck in pipes preventing proper flushing.

Other issues common to bathroom sinks and bathtubs are hair and soap residue. Hair can cause the pipes to be clogged. Grease can create the same problems in the kitchen sink. In some instances, a plumber need not be required. The homeowner or renter can eliminate the clog on his or her own.

Removing the Drain Clog

It is possible to remove some clogs without calling in a plumber. It may require the purchase of certain items. It also will demand time and energy. Yet, it is possible to free the clog and, as a result, clean out the drain. There are many ways of accomplishing this. They are readily available by going online. Among the means most frequently recommended are:

  • Use a sturdy plunger. Apply and see what happens. Be sure to notice if the water recedes from one sink into another or from the john into the sink or tub. If the method appears to be effective, run hot water down the drain several minutes to make sure

  • Pouring hot water down the drain. This can loosen the material making up a very minor plug

  • Make a solution of industrial vinegar and lemon juice or baking soda. Either solution is quite effective when the cause is hair. This environmentally friendly solution can, if nothing more, leave your drains smelling fresh

  • When in doubt, turn to a commercial drain cleaning solution. Make sure you fully understand that the material is caustic and toxic. Read the directions carefully and follow them if you want to avoid poisoning your lungs

  • Purchase a household snake and use it. If it does not bring up any material even after being fully extended, the problem may be more severe than originally thought.

If you have a plugged drain, it is important to know the cause. It is also important to realize that you can clear certain types of clogs on your own – without calling in a plumber. In Darien CT professional plumbers can offer you advice on how best to tackle a clogged drain. While you may sometimes be able to do the work yourself, this is not always the case. Know when to call in the professionals.


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