Revitalized Blue Crab Populations Signal Good Times for Diners in Maryland

Among seafood lovers, Maryland’s blue crabs are legendary. Known throughout the country and world for their sweet, succulent meat, these marine crustaceans have been delighting diners in the state for decades and more. Whether simply boiled in one of the spice mixtures famously associated with Maryland or prepared in more complex ways, such as by incorporating them into crab cakes, crabs are one of the state’s greatest natural assets. Thanks to a resurgence in the population of blue crabs, too, Seafood Restaurants in Gaithersburg and nearby have been able to offer even more of the delicious creatures in recent years.

The Potomac Grill in Gaithersburg offers Maryland-caught blue crabs in a wide variety of preparations, for example. One of the most popular appetizers at the well-known restaurant is a dip which pairs wonderfully seasoned chunks of crab meat with crusty bread and pita points. Diners at the local favorite also often recommend the restaurant’s cream of tomato and crab soup, a spin on a homey classic which incorporates fresh dill as a way of adding further complexity.

For those diners looking for more substantial servings of crab, the restaurant does not disappoint, either. Its dinner-size serving of crab cake includes over a half pound of freshly caught crab and is spiced to perfection alongside servings of rice and fresh, local vegetables. Diners with smaller appetites often find that the establishment’s crab cake sandwich is the perfect solution, too, as it consists of a smaller crab cake of the same basic recipe on a freshly baked brioche roll.

Although availability of fresh crab varies seasonally, Maryland locals are able to enjoy the state’s staple seafood throughout the year thanks to careful picking and canning of crab meat. Crab that is processed in this way, in fact, often makes a terrific addition to recipes where levels of spice and other ingredients would normally overwhelm the delicate flavor of fresh crab. The best chefs at Seafood Restaurants in Gaithersburg, then, recognize that blue crab is something that can be put to a wide variety of purposes and is not just appropriate for the crab cakes and boils that are so familiar to many.

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