Staying On Top of Heating Repair in Phoenix: Stay Safe and Save Money

Unless you wake up to a freezing house, you may not pay a lot of attention to your heating system. If it’s been longer than a year since you’ve had your system serviced, now’s the time to call a licensed heating contractor; a poorly maintained or defective heating system costs you money and puts your family at risk. Here are some tips for staying on top of home Heating Repair Phoenix for maximum safety and efficiency.

Don’t wait until winter to call a heating contractor. That’s their busy time; you’re more apt to get someone there quickly if you schedule your maintenance in the early fall. To make it even easier on yourself, find a reputable contractor and set up a regular maintenance schedule. It will only take a few minutes, and you’ll be able to trust that your heating system will work as it should when cold weather arrives.

During a typical maintenance visit, a heating expert will check your thermostat settings; an efficient system keeps you warm and comfortable when you’re home and saves energy when you’re away. A thermostat timer is one of the easiest ways to cut energy costs. They’ll also check all electrical connections. Faulty connections create a fire hazard and are harmful to the major components of your system. All moving parts will be lubricated to prevent friction, which also saves on electricity usage. A professional will test all of the controls to ensure that the system is starting when it should and shutting off properly. This includes the emergency shut-off, a vital safety feature if there is ever a major problem with your furnace.

Annual maintenance also includes checking all of the gas or oil connections. A problem with fuel connections can potentially cause a fire and impact your health. A heating contractor Phoenix will check the fuel pressure, the burner combustion and the heat exchanger. If all of these components aren’t working properly, your system won’t operate efficiently and it may emit harmful gases and fumes into your home. Always make sure your carbon monoxide detectors are placed properly and in working condition. High levels of carbon monoxide can be fatal.

Make sure your family stays safe and warm this winter by keeping your heating system in good repair. Arizona Refrigeration Service Inc. is a full service heating and air conditioning contractor Phoenix offering a wide range of services in the Phoenix area.

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