Trial Help from a Traffic Attorney in Jefferson County, MO

A jury trial is time consuming for all involved, and once you request one, the judicial system is motivated to settle your case before it gets to trial. There are a variety of ways you can make a deal when you’re dealing with a traffic infraction; for instance, if you speed and run a stop sign, the prosecutor may only bring one charge. If you want to reduce the points on your license, you may be able to take traffic school to keep your record clean.

The Traffic Ticket Negotiation Process

Negotiations in jury trials can happen in the judge’s chambers, by phone, or even in the hallways of the courthouse. No matter where you negotiate, the goal is to get a better deal than if you’d been found guilty. Many people hope to get their cases dismissed, but the below are more realistic options:

Pleading guilty to a lesser offense than the one with which you are charged. For instance, in some states you can plead a 30-over-the-limit ticket down to simple speeding.

Dismissal of one charge in exchange for pleading guilty to another

Agreeing that your sentence will not result in license suspension or high fines: For example, if you could be fined $500 for running a red light, you and your Traffic Attorney in Jefferson County, MO can bargain it down to a much lesser fine and no license suspension.

Don’t Make Deals Until you see the Officer

If the police officer does not appear at your trial, it’s likely that your case will be dismissed. If the prosecution knows that the officer will not be there, they may propose a settlement right before court. Before negotiations progress, you should ask the prosecution if the officer will be there, or just take a few minutes to think before accepting the deal.

Making Deals

If you and the prosecution agree to a settlement, you’ll appear in front of the judge. The prosecutor will ask for permission to reduce or dismiss the charges against you, and they will tell the judge that you will plead guilty to a lesser charge. Depending on the agreement, sometimes the prosecutor recommends a specific penalty. The judge does not have to agree to the settlement, but they usually do. If you need to find a reliable traffic lawyer, visit

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