Stay Safe By Adding a Needle Safety Device to Your Equipment in California

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Health

When performing any surgery, a tool to make sure you are using your needles safely can be a good idea for both you and the patient. A needle safety device uses engineering controls to prevent any injuries, before, during, or after performing a surgery closure. Using one of these devices can keep both you and the patient safe from potential harm that may come from being pricked with a needle such as contamination or mistakes that can come from reacting to a needle prick. Needle guards can come in a variety of different shapes or functions, so it is important to make sure you are choosing a needle guard that fits your technique and sewing needs best. Some needle guards may be seen as a cap that covers the sharp tip of the needle to prevent accidental touching. The needle guard may be seen in a completely different color from the rest of the needle, such as orange so that you do not miss it or forget that it is there. That cap can be pulled back or removed for easy access to the needle when you need it and reapplied when you do not. Other needle guards may be seen on the end of the needle where you hold it to prevent slippage and make sure you have a safe and steady grip on the needle at all times.

For information about needle safety devices, visit Sharp Fluidics website for more information or to find needle guards that are right for you.

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