An Albuquerque Rehab Facility Helps Treat Co-Occurring Addictions

It is very common in addiction treatment for people to suffer from multiple addictions, or to have symptoms of a mental illness along with their addictive behavior. This is a problem known as Co-Occurring Disorder, or COD. Anyone that is dealing with co-occurring disorder needs specialized treatment for this complex issue. To get help for two connected problems, find an Albuquerque rehab facility that understands this kind of addiction and offers specific programs to treat co-occurring disorders.

COD is More Difficult to Diagnose and Treat

Not only is COD harder to treat than someone with a single addiction, but it is also sometimes very difficult to diagnose. In many cases, a person suffering from COD is addicted to both alcohol and a different kind of drug, but they also could be suffering from depression, bi-polar disorder, or another type of mental illness or psychological disorder. A COD requires specialized treatment that can be provided at a Rehab Facility In Albuquerque with expert doctors, therapists, and counselors who understand these types of conditions and the best methods for treating them.

Patients with COD Can Recover at an Albuquerque Rehab Facility

When a person is suffering from COD, they usually show some kind of pattern that gives doctors at a rehab facility clues about their addictions. Often if someone has a mental illness, they try to self-medicate their symptoms by abusing drugs or alcohol, which can make them feel better temporarily. However, addiction can complicate and worsen a mental illness, making it a much more difficult problem to solve alone. People with co-occurring disorders need help from reliable and experienced doctors and counselors at a certified treatment and rehab facility.

Rehab Facilities Offer the Help You Need

A rehab facility in Albuquerque will have experts who are skilled in treating COD patients and helping them get through the long recovery process by treating both conditions simultaneously. If both problems aren’t attended to at the same time, recovery may not be as successful and their mental illness can cause more problems later on, or even lead to a relapse.

If you or a loved one suffers from any addiction or a co-occurring disorder, get advice from a Albuquerque rehab facility as soon as possible. Doctors and therapists can work to help manage and treat both addictions and issues with mental illness.

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