Some Information on Orthodontics in Irving

You may have been told by your general dentist that you need to have some type of orthodontics in Irving, but you are still unfamiliar with precisely what that entails. The world of orthodontics is a wide and varied one today, but our general understanding of it can be greatly simplified when we focus upon the main emphasis of orthodontics. The primary emphasis of orthodontists is teeth straightening, and this can happen in any number of ways.

The way that the teeth straightening is done will depend largely upon the type of teeth misalignment, but patient wishes certainly play into the choice of orthodontic devices as well. Probably the most common type of orthodontia is braces. While braces were made only from metal in decades past, today’s braces may be crafted from a variety of materials that could include metal, tough plastics, or ceramics. Braces are used to realign teeth that are crooked, have an overbite, have an underbite, or have spacing issues. “Invisible” braces are also becoming popular. This device is actually a type of clear plastic retaining device that helps correct teeth position, but it may not be able to correct teeth alignment problems as serious as those that braces can correct.

Retainers are typically used as part of an orthodontics in Irving plan. Retainers are metal devices that hold the newly straightened teeth into their proper place, and are typically worn full time for at least several months after braces are removed. Often, retainers will be worn full time at night for months or years after braces are removed. This is especially true of the bottom teeth as they have a tendency to return to their natural state if not carefully trained.

Other orthodontic gear may be used as needed, and this will depend upon the individual patient. Some teeth issues will need a combination technique, as well. For example, a patient with an extremely “crowded mouth” may need to have several teeth removed by the orthodontist before they can have braces or other straightening devices applied. Look for an orthodontist such as Navarro Orthodontix of Irving, which services the Irving and Allen area, because of their 25 plus years of experience in the field.

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