Keep Teeth Healthy with Family Dentistry in Camp Hill, PA

Camp Hill, PA is a quiet town with a population of 8,000 according to the 2010 census. As a smaller town, family and community are central concerns of each practice. Doctors and dentists are by far the most common. However, not all dentists are the same. For example, while the terms Family Dentistry and General Dentistry may seem interchangeable, they are not. Both family and general dentists focus on preventive care and general oral maintenance. Notably, family dentists believe in the convenience of treating families regardless of age. Family dentistry recognizes the necessity for oral care from young children to the elderly and the convenience of one dentist. The services provided for families includes dental sealants, fluoride treatments, general cleaning, and cosmetic care if deemed beneficial. Both dental sealants and fluoride treatments aim to protect teeth from decay and bacteria by strengthening teeth.

One location for family dentistry in Camp Hill PA, is Marinak and Glossner. This office provides services in the following categories: full and partial dentures, cosmetic procedures, and diagnostic and preventive care. Full dentures cover most of the jaw and are held using the natural suction of the mouth. Partial dentures are put in place if serviceable teeth still exist in the mouth; most often these are used to replace missing teeth. Cosmetic procedures practiced by this office of family dentistry in Camp Hill, PA, include bonding and teeth whitening. Bonding is the application of a tooth-colored material to the surface of the tooth to repair chipped teeth, close gaps, or disguise discolored teeth.

teeth whitening is an option for those with stained teeth or those who wish to have a brighter smile. This service involves a customized at-home whitening system to reduce staining caused by food and drink. Diagnostic and preventive services include tooth desensitization, nightguard therapy, Carles exam, fillings, and veneers. Desensitization often involves adding fluoride to reduce sensitivity. Nightguard therapy prevents damage to the teeth caused by grinding or clenching during sleep. A clinical and visual exam, called the Carles Exam, is performed to locate potential areas of decay. Both fillings and veneers restore the teeth’s natural beauty.

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