Services Offered By Roofing Contractors in Lexington KY

Roofing Contractors in Lexington KY can certainly install, maintain, repair and replace any type of roof to your home or business. They can install gutter guards and insulate your attic. They can also verify storm damage for insurance claims. These services are what most people think of when they hear roofing contractor. What people sometimes don’t realize is that there are many other services provided by roofing contractors.

Energy efficient windows and doors can be installed and repaired to save you money on operating costs. New windows and doors make your home beautiful, increase the property value and pay for themselves over time. Siding will make your home look brand new. Low maintenance and available in many styles and colors, there are siding options to fit any budget. Roofing Contractors in Lexington KY are trained and well equipped to handle these tasks in addition to roofing.

Up grading your yard is easy and fun when you let your contractor design, prepare the ground and install screen rooms, sun rooms and new fencing. You and your family will get more enjoyment out of the space and you can entertain more people in the yard. Gazebos and pergolas offer shade and add beauty at the same time. Free estimates are available and financing options exist that can help you decide what additions you want to your yard.


Decks, patios and walkways can make your yard safer and more user friendly for the whole family. Frame that pool so you can relax in a lawn chair while you monitor the kids. Barbecue all spring and summer on that new patio or traverse the gardens without stumbling or falling on uneven ground. The possibilities are endless and you can go with traditional styles or be as creative as you like. Affordable Exteriors provide all services that pertain to the outside of your home.

Inspection and repair of your foundation is also something a roofing contractor can take care of for you. Moisture can collect in the foundation and freeze during the winter resulting in cracks. When found early, these can be repaired. You can avoid a major repair and keep your foundation in tact. The next time you need anything done to your home’s exterior or you just want to add some features, check with your roofing contractor first.

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