Mistakes To Avoid When Selling On eBay

It is fun, exciting and profitable to get involved in selling on eBay either in a casual way or as a full or part time income earning option. There are several mistakes that people make when selling on eBay that are easy to spot and easy to avoid.

By double checking your listing and ensuring that you are listing your items correctly, accurately and following all eBay seller regulations and rules you should have no trouble at all on the site.

Vague Titles

When you are selling on eBay it is the title of your item, or you listing title, that will bring customers to your listing. If you use general and broad titles and listings even if your item is the right category and subcategory it is unlikely browsers will ever located it.

For example, if you are selling a laptop list the brand, model number, manufacturer, operating system and accessories that you are selling with the computer. This is much more specific than just the term “Laptop” that might generate thousands of listings.

Poor Descriptions

If you are selling on eBay the customer should be able to read the description and get all the information they need about the product or item to decide to buy or not. While there is an area for a customer to ask a question most customers will not bother, they will just go on to a listing by a seller that took the time to write down the details.

Make sure the spelling and information is correct and accurate in your description. If you are giving an opinion be sure to state, as an example, that “It is my opinion this is a 1941 collector coin” if you don’t know for sure.

Bad Pictures

Grainy, blurry, out of focus or over or under exposed types of pictures are not going to be effective in selling on eBay. The picture or pictures is often what bring a buyer to the listing page from the search page, so make an effort to get the get the best possible image.

There are several websites and forums to help you when you are new to selling on eBay. It is important to read through the information provided on eBay as well so you have a good understanding of all policies and requirements.

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