A Divorce Attorney in Albuquerque NM May Help You Negotiate Your Settlement

by | Jun 18, 2014 | Law

Divorce is expensive. In addition to having to divide all of the property you have accumulated over the course of your marriage, you have to pay an attorney to help you get the best possible settlement so you’ll have enough money to set up a separate residence. If your case has to go to trial, your attorney’s fees can add up quickly. The more you have to pay your lawyer, the less you each will have to start your own lives. Because your Divorce Attorney understands that finances are often tight after a separation, he or she will try to help you negotiate a settlement with your spouse before resorting to litigation.

Negotiating for your share of the assets you worked hard to obtain over the years of your marriage may be emotional. However, with the help of your Divorce Attorney in Albuquerque NM area, you may be able to leave the table with a reasonable settlement that will make everyone happy. While you are not likely to get everything you want through the negotiation process, you may walk away with more than you would if a judge decided how to divide your assets.

When a divorce case goes to trial, the judge only considers the facts of the case and divides assets based more on value than on emotional attachment. If retaining one or more pieces of marital property is very important to you, you will have a better chance of getting what you want by negotiating with your spouse.

Your Divorce Attorney may also utilize investigators to determine if your spouse has any hidden assets that you may be entitled to a portion of in the divorce settlement. If you and your spouse, with the help of your lawyers, are able to come to an agreement about the division of your marital assets, your agreement will be presented to the judge and your case will be one of the 95 percent of divorces that are settled without a trial. Unfortunately, some cases just cannot be settled through negotiation. An experienced divorce lawyer will recognize when it is time to prepare your case for litigation. For more info, visit Carter & Valle Law Firm, P.C.

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