Seeking a Quote for Repairs to an Auto Body in Stephens City VA

After being involved in some sort of traffic accident, chances are that the need for auto body repair will be very real. The trick is to identify the best provider for that service. For people who have never had to deal with having repairs made to the body of a car or truck, it helps to understand a little about how the typical shop will prepare a quote for repairs to an auto body in Stephens City VA.The AssessmentThe first thing that will happen is that a professional will examine the extent of the damage. This is important, since the damage is not always recognizable to the untrained eye. For example, if the damage occurred because someone ran a stop sign and plowed into a rear door of the client’s car, the owner will readily recognize that the door is caved in. What the owner may not realize is that along with the damage to the door, the impact also bent the car frame around the door. That would mean that the repair is much more involved than simply replacing that door. Verifying PricingBefore the quote for the repair is issued to the customer, the professional will spend a little time checking on the availability of replacement parts and what they would cost. This will include checking for new and used components.


As part of the investigation, the professional will also verify how quickly those parts could be delivered. From there, it is a matter of determining the amount of labor involved in making the repairs. That includes a projection of how long the car would be in the shop before the repairs to the auto body in Stephens City VA are complete. Presenting the QuoteOnce all the relevant data is assembled, the car owner is presented with the quotation. If the owner does have auto insurance, the quote can also be forwarded to the insurance provider for consideration. Assuming the quote is less than the total value of the vehicle, the provider will likely approve the repairs, and the work can commence. Even if the insurance provider decides the quote is too much and provides a cash offer to total the vehicle, the owner can still choose to reject the offer, accept the quote, and pay for the repairs out of his or her own pocket.

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