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by | Jun 2, 2014 | Home Improvement

All you need to do is look at past decor of residential bathrooms to understand that, even in interior design, there are trends that come and go. One of those trends, that was both decorative as well as functional, shower enclosures. Back in the day, these were all the rage, and most homes came equipped with a bathtub as well as a shower enclosure. The problem was that these enclosures were somewhat problematic. They were quite flimsy on design and safety and, today, they are usually somewhat of an eyesore. Unfortunately, many homes still include these enclosures from the past as they are a pain to remove and leave marks on the walls and the floor, which means replacing tile as well.

While enclosures for showers waned in popularity somewhat, they have begun to make a bit of a resurgence. One of the reasons for the resurgence is due to the different type of materials that are being used. In the past, aluminum or stainless steel tracks were used and flimsy, and somewhat garish, plastic panels were used for your average enclosures. Today, enclosure manufacturers are using thick tempered glass to offer a sleek, modern, attractive and functional enclosure design.

The great thing is that these enclosures can be equipped with special lighting, easy to operate glass entrances as well as numerous different shower features, from computerized heated water to multiple shower nozzles. The reality is that shower enclosures today are far different from what they were just 15 to 20 years ago.

In addition to the features, it’s important to remember that these modern day enclosures aren’t something that most people can handle installing themselves. That’s why if you’re looking for wide selection of modern enclosures, you’ll also want to look for professional installation, and that is precisely what a company like 494 Glass and Mirror, Inc. provides.

With a wide selection of sleek, contemporary and eye popping enclosure designs, as well as qualified and trained technicians to conveniently install the enclosure you choose into your existing bathroom, there are very few reasons to look elsewhere. With the skill that it takes to install these enclosures, it’s important to leave this particular job up to the professionals. Fortunately, with 494 Glass and Mirror Inc, that’s precisely what you’re going to get.

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