Common Reasons To Visit An Emergency Dentist In Lehigh Valley

Pennsylvania dental patients receive emergency care through local dentists. These occurrences encompass anything from breaks to infections. Through an Emergency Dentist in Lehigh Valley, patients receive immediate attention and pain relief.

Common Reasons to Visit an Emergency Dentist

Teeth that are knocked out due to injuries are common emergency situations addressed by local dental professionals. When the patient contacts their dentist, they are advised to take measures that could potentially save the tooth. For instance, the patient is told initially to clean the tooth and make an attempt to replace the tooth into its socket. When this is unsuccessful, the patient should place it into a container with just enough milk to cover the tooth completely.

When patients lose a crown or filling, they should utilize over-the-counter filling materials to cover the tooth. This is beneficial in protecting the tooth and preventing further damage. It may also reduce pain until the patient can receive emergency care. The composite filling material available in a drug store is not permanent and is removed easily by the dentist.

Although replacement of the crown is possible through temporary means, over-the-counter dental cement could cause damage to the affected tooth when the dentist removes it for repairs. If the crown is broken completely, the patient should seek an Emergency Dentist in Lehigh Valley immediately.

Jaw injuries such as fractures or lock jaw require instant attention. A dentist can determine the severity of the damage and whether or not a fracture did occur. It is advisable for any patient experiencing jaw pain to contact an Emergency Dentist in Lehigh Valley or visit a local emergency room.

Whenever a patient gets a foreign object stuck between their teeth that is not removed easily and causes significant pain, they should contact their dentist. If the patient cannot remove the item with dental floss, dental assistance is needed to prevent damage. Patients who opt to use sharp objects to remove the obstruction could actually cause damage such as cuts within their gum lines.

Local Pennsylvania dentist offer emergency and general dental care to residents. A Teeth Whitening Dentist performs cosmetic procedures to improve the aesthetics of the patient’s smile. Cosmetic dentistry is typically available through a general or family dental practice.

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