Rehab in Oahu Tells Advantages of Physical Therapy

After surgery for your back, knees or hip, you will most likely need rehabilitation services. You will be needing some form or forms of physical therapy (PT) to get back into the usage of whatever you had surgery performed on. In Hawaii, you can take advantage of a facility that offers Rehab in Oahu. The team members at the facility want to tell you what all physical therapy will do for you.

Physical therapy goes right to work on the place of injury, work to prevent further injury to the area, and builds on strengthening the bones and muscles. Physical exercise is but a small slice of a bigger pie when it comes to physical therapy. Your therapist will sit down with you and come up with a progressive plan to build the area of weakness back up to function. Various skills and methods will be employed, including acupuncture, heat treatment, massages, electro-therapy and other methods. Your therapist will also educate you on things you should be able to do at home (if you are an outpatient, that is) to aid in rebuilding your body back to its normal capacity as much as possible.

Goals in physical therapy are not just limited to orthopedic advantages, or the treatment of sports injuries and musculoskeletal disorders; they are also designed to help you gain maximum functionality by encouraging a healthy working relationship with the bones, ligaments, tendons, joints, muscles, cartilage and other areas that have been affected. If proper function can be restored completely and even better than before, the job of the physical therapist has been done.

Get great treatment and Rehab at Portner Orthopedic Rehabilitation in Oahu, Hawaii, where they offer several solutions for helping your body. They offer their diagnostic services, injection therapy, radio-frequency ablation, medication, massage therapy, acupuncture, forensic services, and of course physical therapy. They will begin with an initial visit, during which time they will get a thorough evaluation of your complaint history, and how it is affecting you in your daily activities and life. If you are looking to get your life back from the woes of injury and pain, try their Rehab in Oahu, Hawaii at Portner Orthopedic.

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