Spray Insulation in Wichita, KS has Many Advantages

In order to keep the heat in during the winter months and cool air in the home in the summer, homes need to be insulated. But, just having fiberglass insulation isn’t enough to do the job efficiently. While fiberglass is good for insulating homes, it isn’t air-sealed, so there are always spaces for air to get through, especially areas where the fiberglass is cut to fit around pipes, outlets, etc. Without going through the trouble of ripping out walls and installing new insulation, there is another way that people can get the most out of the fiberglass that has already been installed. Browse website for more information.

Spray insulation Wichita KS is a popular option for homeowners who want their homes to be better insulated. When this is used, any gaps in the insulation are sealed. It can also be used as the sole source of insulation in a home, and there is no need to do a lot of major renovations to have it installed. This not only helps people stay more comfortable in their homes, but also save money on their energy bills. The products used in this type of insulation are non-toxic, and not harmful to people or pets.

When homes only have traditional fiberglass insulation, there are always ways for insects and rodents to get inside. There are little cracks, and animals can also chew or dig through the fiberglass. When openings are sealed with spray insulation in Wichita, KS, pests don’t get in. This is because they don’t usually like to chew on the foam.

Homes that are insulated with spray foam have additional protection against fires. This is because there is no air getting around pipes, electrical outlets, and wires, so there are fewer opportunities for a fire to breathe. If there is a fire, it is less likely that it is going to spread from room to room when this type of insulation is used. To learn more about sprays and other types of insulation, and to get a free quote for installation, contact the experts at NorthStar Comfort Services Inc. services are offered for both residential and commercial customers.

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