Quality Moving Supplies in Puyallup WA for Breakable Items

When moving to a new home or office, you need Quality Moving Supplies in Puyallup WA to protect your breakable items. Your wedding china, electronics, vases, pottery, and other vulnerable belongings should be secured for loading, unloading, and transportation.

Good quality boxes are the best place to start. You do not want to use cheap or thin boxes that might break apart when taxed with a little weight. For extra security, you can use double layers of tape along the top and bottom, but you must start with high-quality cardboard.

If possible, use packing peanuts or packing paper to add cushioning inside each of your boxes. You do not want to pack your cartons so tightly that the sides bulge, but it is important to prevent the contents from moving around while the truck is rolling down the highway.

Some breakable items do not fit in boxes, so these require special care. When purchasing Quality Moving Supplies in Puyallup WA, make sure to get blankets so you can wrap large pieces of furniture, instruments, and other large items. Take special care to protect corners and edges that could rub against other items in the truck.

For electronics, make sure to remove any media before you pack them away. This could include CDs in a stereo, DVDs in a DVD player, or tapes in your old VHS machine. Wrap them in blankets just like you would large furniture, then pack them close to the back of the truck so they are unloaded first when you arrive.

When your items do not fill the entire truck, or if you are using a pick-up truck, make sure you have plenty of nylon straps and rope to secure your breakable items. Never strap down items before they are wrapped in blankets, as the nylon can rub the finish off your property during the trip.

If you are worried about your packing skills, you might want to hire a moving company to handle every step of your move. This reduces your stress and ensures your property is packed by professionals. Visit the website to learn how Boush Moving can protect your property and make your move as smooth and seamless as possible.

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