Key Services to Expect from the Best Local Moving Companies

If you are looking for a moving company, you have many choices, but that does not mean that hiring a company to move your belongings is a task to take lightly. There are several aspects to consider before you sign on the dotted line and commit your move to just any company with a truck and personnel.

Choose the wrong company and your move could end in disaster. Items may go missing, be broken or your move might be delayed for reasons unknown. These are the issues why residents hire the best local moving companies with a reputation for efficient and prompt service.

Key Services and Qualities to Expect

What does excellent service by a moving company look like? One of the first qualities of a reputable moving service is the information and assistance they are willing to give you before you sign a contract. These may include:

* A free quote

* A pre-move planning packet

* Proof of proper licensing and insurance

A free quote for services helps you compare prices, enabling you to get the best deal for your money. However, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. If a moving company’s price seems too good to be true, it probably is and after your move you will realize why the quote was so low.

Getting a pre-move planning packet will help you coordinate the move. Checklists and other helpful tools will help you consider how each item that needs to be moved should be handled.

The best local moving companies will have proof of insurance and licensing. They will also have good rating Better Business Bureau ratings. A company may not be free of complaints, but when you check the BBB website, a moving company should not have lingering or unresolved complaints.

Single Point of Contact and Online Move Tracking

Your mover should work closely with you to expedite your move as smoothly as possible and should provide a single point of contact for getting issues resolved. The best moving companies like Jordan River Moving & Storage have processes in place such as online move tracking that will keep you in the loop about the status of your move.

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