What is involved in refinishing a hardwood floor?

The answer to this question is; a lot of special equipment, a great deal of planning all mixed in with patience and a lot of skill. Of all the tasks that can be considered as “home improvement,” floor refinishing in New York City is the one which takes the greatest amount of time, specialized know-how and a lot of initial research. Saying all this it is easy to see why floor refinishing is not a DIY task except for the most ambitious or one operating on a limited budget. For many weeks you will find yourself involved in evaluation, floor preparation which includes sanding and sealing as well as minor repairs that also must be accommodated. There are many places where even the smallest slip-up can result in a long lasting problem.

Although it might be possible to refinish the floors in your home as a DIY project, it is not something that you want to attempt without help along the way. Floor refinishing in New York City starts with a determination of the wood planks, are they good candidates for the process? You have to assess the condition of the floor; has it been subjected to water or pet urine for example? You will have to lift the threshold at a door to determine if the planks are thick enough to take a sanding, especially if the refinishing process will have to deal with deep scars or considerable wear in certain areas.

If the planks appear to be in reasonable condition and are not deeply scared, and are about ¾” or so thick the first problem is solved. The next stages can take a number of days; the demands are deep cleaning of the wood, any holes from staples or nails as well as deep scratches must be expertly filled and if necessary, boards may have to be replaced in their entirety which can be a problem if you have difficulty finding matching boards. The baseboards and door thresholds have to be removed otherwise it will not be possible to get consistency.

The most difficult part is the sanding. The machines that are available at rental stores are less powerful than those used by professionals but nevertheless they are heavy and awkward to operate. This phase of the project might be that which dissuades you from tacking floor refinishing in New York City as a DIY project and turn immediately to professionals who have the skills and equipment to do the job right and timely.

Hardwood floor refinishing in New York City is a difficult task and it is highly recommended that it should be left to professionals. If your floors have taken a beating and are in need of work you are invited to contact New York Wood Flooring.

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