Probate Honolulu HI: What Is Ancillary Probate?

Most people know what a will is. A Probate Honolulu HI on the other hand is not a term that a lot of people recognize. A Probate Honolulu HI proceeding just means that the will of an individual has to be proved. During a probate creditors have the opportunity to bill the estate of the deceased individual any money that they are owed. If the debts outweigh the worth of the individuals’ assets then the court has to figure out the best way to liquidate and disburse them.

The only thing worse than having to go through probate court proceedings is having to go through them in more than one state. If an individual lived in one state and owns property in another state, then two probates would be required. The reason why two probates are needed is because the real estate in each state is governed by that state’s law.

For example, imagine a man who lives in the state of Hawaii. He lives there and he owns a few pieces of property there. He also owns a vacation home in Florida and California that he bought years ago. When he passes away there will be a probate hearing in Florida, California, and Hawaii for all the different assets in the different states.

When a second or a third probate is needed it is called an ancillary probate. If you happen to be the executor of the deceased individual’s estate, it means you are in for a very long and expensive journey. This is because you are going to need a probate lawyer in your Hawaii, California, and Florida in order to handle all three probates. Fortunately, you can Visit the website to find you a probate lawyer in Hawaii. Then, you just have to worry about figuring out how to find one in the other states where the probate proceedings are going to take place. The only upside to having probates in multiple states is that you do not usually have to go through proving the will is legitimate in all three states. Once one of the states accepts the will, the other states will as well.

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