Information on Restorative Dental Services in Westport

When your smile is missing teeth, you can feel ashamed of your smile and wonder what you can do to conceal your teeth. Everyone wants to have beautiful teeth. Your smile is one of the first features people notice about you. If you feel the need to hide your smile, you may seem unfriendly to others. This can also cause you issues with being able to chew your food and even being able to speak clearly. If your smile has large gaps where teeth once were, there is hope to restore your smile through Restorative Dental Services in Westport.

How Can Restorative Dental Services in Westport Fix Your Smile?

If you are missing teeth, you do not have to be stuck with this condition forever. There are now different ways your dentist can restore your smile and make it look more beautiful than you ever dreamed possible. One of the most popular ways to improve your smile when you are missing teeth is through dental implants. These implants replace your missing teeth, filling in the gaps and giving you a restored and perfected smile.

When your dentist begins the process for giving you your dental implants, you will have anesthesia. The amount of implants you are getting, will depend on the type of anesthesia you receive. If you are having many implants put in, you will most likely need general anesthesia. This will cause you to sleep through the procedure so you do not feel any pain.

First, the dentist will implant metal anchors into your jawbone. These anchors will later hold your artificial teeth, but you must heal from the surgery before these can be put in. It normally takes around three weeks for you to heal. This can take longer if you have certain health or dental conditions. The dentist will inform you of how long the healing process will take.

If you are in need of restoration for your smile, contact Dr. Keith Rudolph, DDS. His office has all of the dental services you need, to keep your smile healthy and restore your smile to being beautiful.

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