How to Effectively Blend Your Online and Print Marketing

You may have decided that you no longer require print marketing because you are turning to online tactics. However, you really want to offer both an online and offline presence to combine some traditional print and non-traditional online marketing to build awareness and drive business.

Print to Drive Online Traffic
Print is still your best bet to drive online traffic. There are many ways to promote your site online such as banner ads, but depending on Google searches for people to find you is not a good idea. Fighting for top ranking is brutal. Print allows you to use many methods such as texting, social media and QR codes.

Texting Works
From tent cards on a restaurant tables to basic flyers and ads in newspapers, you can use your print marketing to promote and add to the success of your text marketing. Use a Southern California offset printing company to get your message out. Text marketing will allow you to collect contacts for people who use your services. You can then contact customers and most people will check a text immediately upon arrival. This is like dealing with a captured audience.

Use Quick Response Codes
Quick response codes or QR codes can be effective when advertised in any print format. The codes are scanned by smart phones and customers can then use the codes to redeem a coupon, send an email to help capture email addresses or connect with you on social media. The best use of QR codes is to make them an offer or discount.

Improve the Business Card
Take the use of your business card to the next level and offer your social media information. This allows you the perfect opportunity to engage them on your own turf through your Twitter or Facebook pages. There are many opportunities to get them connected and to communicate with them once hooked.

Always Flag Your Site
No matter how you use your print advertising or promotional materials always mention your web address. This is the perfect way to have people find you online and can add to any additional efforts you are making with your online marketing campaigns. Regardless of whether it is print or online be sure your branding is sending a consistent message across the board.

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