Plumbing Repair – Things to Know About Your Water Main 

If you aren’t aware of your water main, you run the risk of unpleasant surprises. There are things to watch for in order to increase the chances of being able to thwart problems before they are severe (puddles around the yard, knowing the plumbing system is very old, significantly higher water bills all of a sudden, etc.). A periodic inspection, particularly on a newly acquired older property could also be helpful.

Not all water main leaks and breaks happen on older properties. There are a number of other factors that can affect the water main including materials, workmanship when installed, amount of use, and other factors.

What is a Water Main?

A water main is the underground pipe connecting water to your house. If you are on a well, this connects from the well. If you are on a water network in a city or town, it connects via a water main. If a water main breaks, this could be the cause of damage to your home in the form of water, mud, and other debris. Large scale water main breaks could even damage an entire neighbourhood.

How Can You Fix Water Main Breaks

Water main breaks can happen for a number of reasons and the damage can be minimal or it can even be severe. A professional plumber is the best person to deal with this job, particularly because digging outside of the home is often one of the necessary steps in doing a water main repair.

Finding a Good Plumber for Water Main Repairs

A good plumber, one experienced with repairing water mains will likely advertise this fact. An experienced plumbing firm can provide an estimate and may even be able to offer financing on large plumbing projects. Doing some research on the best plumbers experienced in water main repairs in your city and surrounding cities is a wise decision. The web can help you surf through online profiles, local plumber reviews, as well as information sheets that can help you should a water main repair or break be something you need to deal with.

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