Obsolete Circuit Breakers: They Can Still Get the Job Done

When there is a need to use a specific brand and type of circuit breaker, finding an obsolete model which is safe for installation and use may seem like a daunting task, unless you know what it is you’re looking for and how to go about your search. Here are some tips to help you locate the obsolete model of circuit breaker you need and additional information you can use to make sure that the quality as well as dependability of the find makes it a safe option.

Where to Begin the Search

The word obsolete incites fear that the object may be difficult or impossible to find, but this isn’t always the case. Conducting an online search through the various brokers which offer a variety of electrical components will bring up the information that you are looking for. You may be surprised at the vast quantity of obsolete circuit breakers which are available in all conditions including new, used and reconditioned.

How to Ensure the Safety of Used Obsolete Circuit Breakers

As with any electronic product, there are some basics which apply to ensuring the safety of used circuit breakers. The first step is to make sure that the item has been reconditioned, repaired, or refurbished by certified electricians with a proven track record. There must be proof which shows any needed repairs were made and that the component has been thoroughly tested by reliable means and validated as highly functional and safe for use. It should have a UL sticker in place with the product specifications and preferably the date of manufacture.

The Difference Between Used and Reconditioned

The reason for choosing a reconditioned part over one which was just simply used is that reconditioned parts have gone through examinations by certified electricians (if they are worth your time and money), and are validated as being safe for use. Used parts which bear no indication of being repaired or tested, pose an extremely high risk of causing damage as the reliability of their functioning capacity has not been confirmed. Using a vital part which has not been verified is highly discouraged as the results could be disastrous.

Finding obsolete circuit breakers requires a little research. Once located, the condition and reliability should be verified to ensure that the part is in excellent working order. It is best not to take a chance on a used component which has not been thoroughly tested by certified personnel as it may be unsafe for use. While there is newer technological innovations being presented every year for most electronics, obsolete models still have their place in a niche market. The term obsolete doesn’t necessarily mean unsafe for use, it means an upgraded version which surpasses every aspect of possible use has been released. Regardless of whether you are looking for new, reconditioned, used, refurbished, or even obsolete circuit breakers, you can be sure to find more useful information regarding them all from the experts at BreakerOutlet.


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