Use Exterior Solar Shades to Block the Sun, Not the View

What are exterior solar shades? You’ve probably seen them before, but just didn’t know what they were called. Have you ever been to someone’s house and noticed on their front porch or out back on their patio or deck a shade or screen located on one or multiple sides? These are solar shades. They block the sun, not the view.

The Benefits
Exterior solar shades significantly reduce the cooling costs for your home and they provide an enjoyable atmosphere on your porch, patio or sunroom. They stop the sun’s heat before it reaches you, but still allow fresh air to pass through. After all, you don’t want to stop those pleasant summer breezes from filling your home. When you install solar shades on your windows, not only will they keep the inside of your home cooler, they’ll protect your carpet, furniture and curtains from the rays of the sun that can cause fading.

With these shades, your living space will be more enjoyable without the glare and heat of the sun. You know how uncomfortable it can be when the sun is right in your eyes. Solar shades eliminate this issue without blocking your view. They also provide you with daytime privacy – while you can see out, people can’t see in.

Exterior solar shades give you added privacy, cooler temperatures inside and UV protection against colors fading from your curtains, carpets and furniture. Solar shades provide excellent protection and they also enhance the décor of any home or office.

Color and Style Options
You can dress up your patio, porch or windows with the colors of your choice. Several colors are available to complement your décor inside and out. You have choices in regard to fabrics, hardware colors, and whether the shades are pulled manually by a beaded chain or function via a whisper quiet motor.

Enjoy the Hot Summer
Why not remove the limitations caused by the glaring hot sun and just enjoy the benefits of summer? Block the sun’s harmful UV rays, cool your home, shade your eyes from glare, and keep your view clear this summer.

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