Make Your Backyard Beautiful With Garden Flags

As one of those people that take a great deal of pride in your yard adding a splash of color and style with seasonal garden flags is a great decorating option. These flags can be at the center of a landscaped area or as a welcoming message as visitors, guests and family come to your walkway or drive up the driveway.

There are many different styles of garden flags to suit all types of landscaping. Of course, if you are a flag lover, there is nothing wrong with combining different types of flags to really add to your design. You can choose matching colors and styles or have a more eclectic collection.

Porch Bunting

Typically when people think of garden flags they don’t automatically think of bunting. Bunting, also known as fan flags, are the half circle flags that can be gathered and ruffled or relatively smooth.

When decorating with these types of garden flags adding them to the railing on a back or front porch is a great way to add a bit of color and design. With custom bunting flags you can choose seasonal colors such as red and green for Christmas, black and orange for Halloween and red and white or pink for Valentine’s Day.

Decorative Garden Flags

One or two ply square or rectangular garden flags that slide over a horizontal bar and hang down beside the stand are a lovely addition to any walkway, front yard or back area of your home. These can be printed with a welcoming message, your family name, a favorite seasonal image or design or even a birthday message or anything else you want.


A unique type of garden flags is not a real flag at all, but rather a windsock like you see at any large or small airport anywhere in the world. These are the perfect addition to a tall or shorter pole and, with multiple sizes, styles and colors they can be fully customized to match your home and yard.

These garden flags are not just lovely to look at. With just a quick glance you will be able to see exactly which way the wind is blowing without event having to step outside, giving you a heads up on the day.

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