Excess Baggage Services: Pros and Cons

Using excess baggage services from companies and couriers has become popular over the last few years because airlines have implemented new rules that require you to pay a lot of money to ship more than the recommended amount of luggage.

Unless you are going to a hotel that offers free laundry services or don’t mind doing laundry on your holiday, you’ll want to consider excess baggage services. However, remember that there are a lot of positives to using the service, though there are a few negatives, depending on your travel needs and requirements.


If you are considering excess baggage services, you may need to rethink your plans and packing. You’ll need to decide whether you want your luggage to be waiting for you at the hotel or if you can do without it for a day or so and once you have decided, you’ll need to schedule a pickup that also coincides with your needs. It can take upwards of six business days for your items to arrive, especially if you are shipping them to a foreign country, so sending the items the day of your flight won’t work.

If you travel lightly in most cases, excess baggage services may not help you save any money. If you only ever require a carry-on and a suitcase, you won’t need to pay extra at the airport for more bags. However, you may want to consider these services if you tend to buy a lot of souvenirs and pay extra on the flight back.


If you are using an airline that charges you for extra or any luggage, you can use a courier to handle extra luggage and have it sent to you for a flat rate. These rates are less than the airline charges, and you don’t have to worry about over-bulky or awkward packages, such as skis.

Whether you like to pack everything in your closet just in case or are temporarily being relocated through work to a foreign country, you will enjoy using excess baggage services from your international courier, as they will allow you to pack everything you want for a lower fee than would the airlines.

Because couriers work hard to ensure your items arrive on time, even if they must go through customs, you can be assured that your baggage will arrive at its destination on time. You won’t have to wait for luggage unless you specifically set up the pickup and delivery times to be that way.

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