Luxury Apartments in Uptown Dallas Make Living in Dallas a Pleasure

Of all the areas that claim they are the new ‘it’ place to be, Uptown Dallas seems to have a substantial claim on the title. Twenty years ago, ‘Uptown’ barely existed, but today it’s a marvel of private enterprise co-operation. About two decades ago, a group of property owners combined their efforts to create a neighbourhood unimagined in Dallas at the time. Each owner agreed to pay a small additional tax so that the Uptown area could be uplifted. They formed The Uptown Public Improvement District and their success has brought about a complete transformation in the area.

Find Luxurious Living in Uptown Dallas

Long gone is the crime and decaying infrastructure of yesteryear, to be replaced by booming construction and ever-improving facilities. Luxury apartments in Uptown Dallas abound as more and more people are looking to move there to experience the laid back yet exciting and vibrant lifestyle. Uptown is now bristling with bars and restaurants, but it is also one of the most pedestrian-friendly areas in the whole of Texas. As most buildings are relatively new, it provides an opportunity for innovative urban planning, and the architects took into consideration the need for multi-use developments as well as for space to walk, jog and enjoy the wonderful climate.

Enjoy New Luxury Apartment Living

Young professionals are especially drawn to the Uptown area, and property developers are catering increasingly to their up-market needs. New luxury apartment buildings continue to change the sky-line and each new development raises the bar as it re-defines the term ‘exclusive’. Think huge terraces that provide a vantage point of both uptown and downtown buildings that offer 24 concierge services, valet parking, and even electric car charging stations. This is just the beginning. Some buildings are offering private climate-controlled wine storage rooms, libraries, screening rooms for private movie viewing, Olympic sized swimming pools, on-site runs for dogs, a gourmet market, an exclusive spa and the list goes on.

Live Near it All

Of course all these luxury apartments in the uptown area are within walking distance of the Katy Trail, numerous parks and biking trails, and the comfort and convenience of living in one of the most desirable areas of the city. These condos, often with their floor to ceiling glass walls, remind all those fortunate enough to live in them that the city is spread out at their feet. A night out, a few hours exercise, incredible shopping, and a vibrant community life are all minutes away, and yet staying in and enjoying the tapestry of lights and sights on permanent display becomes an enviable option, as well.

Outstanding luxury apartments in the Uptown area of Dallas are being provided by Bleu Ciel Living, which is re-defining an elegant lifestyle. Contact them today to view an apartment of your choice.

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