Make Hiring Decisions Faster with Super-Fast Fingerprinting Services

Times have changed and so have the ways through which we hire and retain people. Just a resume and meeting a person is not enough, you have to conduct adequate background checks for each applicant as well. In fact, the FBI and other government authorities have more or less implied that this is the safest course of action to take and to prevent problems at a later stage. Having said that, it is not feasible for a business to focus solely on this while there are other core matters to take care of. You have to look for an expert service that scan and send fast fingerprint in Miami FL so that you can make hiring decisions faster.

Chances are 99% of your employees have a clean record but would you risk the safety of all for that 1% who might have a felony record and did not reveal it? Whatever may be the past legal issues, it is mandatory that they are upfront about it while applying for a job. Unfortunately, not everyone sticks to the rules and herein lays the problem. Now there is no rule or reason not to hire someone with a record but not knowing about it can cause problems. Wouldn’t you rather pay for a service that eliminates all these concerns instead of risking the reputation of your business and its inherent wellbeing?

With a live scanning service for fast fingerprint, Miami FL companies can enjoy the advantage of being a step ahead all the time. When they have the complete records of prospective candidates and existing employees, they can make informed decisions at every stage. In an era where things change fast and mishaps occur at the fraction of a second, you cannot afford to be blindsided. Accurate and fast fingerprint results are therefore, vital to the health of the business. The old ink and paper fingerprinting methods are no longer as accurate or effective as they have been before so you have to look at newer technology for help.

When you work with an expert service like Fingerprint Express you can expect more than live scanning of fingerprints. They also provide level-2 background checks that are required for many professions and by many multinationals. The use of Crossmatch live scan machine captures fingerprints fast and without any ink and paper mess. Instead a glass plate is used for scanning which is fast and clean and definitely more accurate. Prints are sent electronically to match with existing federal databases for background check processing and the results are sent back within a very short time.

Fingerprint Express is a fast growing live scanning service for fast fingerprints in Miami FL. View their website for additional information.

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