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by | Sep 29, 2015 | Hotels and Resorts

The city of Orlando in Florida is famed around the world as a great “must see” tourism destination. This Florida city has its own attractions even if it was not home to three of the world’s best and most popular theme park resorts (namely the Universal Orlando Resort; SeaWorld Orlando and the Walt Disney World Resort). The three of these probably draw in most of the tourists- both domestic and international; but, Orlando is also home to the second largest convention center in the United States – the Orange County Convention Center which; in terms of convention attendees is on a level with Chicago and Las Vegas.

Each year, around 60 million visitors come to Orlando and spend well in excess of 33 billion dollars during their stay. A big chunk of visitors’ spending will be on their accommodations – usually in hotels. Like all world class destinations; Orlando boasts plenty of hotels to suit all pockets and tastes.

Budgetary Concerns

To get to Orlando from anywhere else costs money that has to be included in the budget for the whole trip. The next item will be the cost of staying overnight somewhere in the city or its close environs. Maybe a delegate attending a convention isn’t too concerned about the price of a hotel room since the company will be picking up all the bills; but, for sure, that company’s financial officer will be keeping a close eye on costs (just the same as a family bringing their kids to see the resorts).

Then, there comes the cost of doing whatever it is that made you come to Orlando. If you are planning to take in all the rides and see all the attractions at all three resort parks; then, entrance fees will take quite a chunk of your budget. On the other hand; if you are visiting in March, purely to watch the Arnold Palmer Invitational PGA golf tournament at Orlando’s Bay Hill Club and Lodge; entrance fees should be less. In other words, whatever you are hoping to do; it will require a fairly substantial budget.

Cutting Costs

The trick here is to spend less money without unduly lowering the quality of your visit. Budget flights to get you there and back will be a good starting point. Next, ask yourself if you are going to send all your time inside your hotel where you can maximize on its expensive facilities; or, will you be out most of the time and could easily stay at one of the Cheap Orlando Hotels? An excellent way to sort out such matters is to go online well before you leave home and get quotations from local expert booking companies such as knowbeforeugo.com.

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