Litigating Skincare And Cosmetics Manufacturers With The Assistance Of A Personal Injury Attorney In Carmel, NY

By hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Carmel, NY, you have the opportunity to present the facts related to how you sustained your injury in a compelling manner. Through personal injury litigation you are legally addressing the individual or party that was the ultimate cause for your injuries. These claims provide you with a voice and allow you to directly discuss your injuries with a judge who has the power to acquire monetary damages for you. In cases where your personal injury was sustained by using cosmetics or skincare products, these claims are classified as product’s liabilities in which you will address the manufacturer in court.

The High Price of Beauty

At any time that cosmetics or skincare manufacturers discover a possible side effect produced by the usage of their product they are required by law to warn consumers by affixing labels on their products. Any manufacturer who fails to warn the public of these occurrences will land themselves into actionable territory. If you have sustained an injury during the use of cosmetics or skincare products, it is advisable for you to contact an attorney promptly and file a personal injury claim.

Local Injury Attorney

Spain and Spain PC present you with effective legal representation in a product’s liabilities case. These attorneys can assist you by filing a claim detailing your personal injury, but also by addressing the Consumer Rights Protection Agency. In these cases, these attorneys become advocates for all consumers who have utilized the same products and may have additionally sustained injuries. If you have a product’s liabilities claim, contact these attorneys promptly or visit website at for further information.


Any Personal Injury Attorney in Carmel, NY will tell you that a product’s liabilities claim requires you to file a report with the Consumer Rights Protection Agency. This requirements is put into play to prevent additional injuries sustained by other consumers who may utilize the same products. Your case could present the possibility of a product recall and will launch an investigation into why your injuries were sustained while using the product. Any company that fails to properly warn consumers about probable side effects of cosmetics and skincare products is liable for any injuries sustained.

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