Discussing Your Rights With A Criminal Lawyer In West Hartford

A Criminal Lawyer in West Hartford is your first point of contact when you are arrested for a DUI or DWI. This attorney can assist you with posting bail and fighting a conviction. If you refuse to take a breathalyzer test, your driver’s license could become immediately suspended. However, your attorney can fight this conviction based on the lack of evidence presented by the prosecution. In DUI or DWI cases, it is critical to the prosecution’s case to secure evidence that indicates that you were beyond the legal limit while driving.

Your Rights in a DUI or DWI Case

At any time that you are arrested you have a right to contact an attorney. You have this right immediately regardless to what law enforcement may suggest. You have the legal right to refuse any testing until your attorney is present. At any time that law enforcement refuses to allow you to exercise your right to an attorney before securing evidence, your attorney could file a motion to dismiss the charges based on a civil rights violation.

Local Criminal Defense Lawyer

The Law Office of Michael Chambers, Jr. provides you with criminal defense services to defend you in a DUI or DWI case. These services include reviewing your case and determining whether the prosecution has secured any evidence that could lead to a conviction. He will address any refusals on the county jail’s part to allow you to contact an attorney before a breathalyzer test was conducted. This attorney will also fight against the suspension of your driver’s license when credible evidence is not secured to warrant this determination. To hire Michael Chambers, Jr. as your criminal defense attorney contact him locally at the number that appears on his website at Attorneymichaelchambersjr.com.


Your Criminal Lawyer in West Hartford presents you with a strong legal defense when you are arrested under suspicion of DUI or DWI. This attorney will discuss the implications that go along with this accusation and ensure that you understand the legal ramifications of a conviction. In most situations when you refuse to take a breathalyzer test, the county court can immediately suspend your driver’s license. However, to maintain this suspension the prosecution must acquire evidence beyond the officer’s conclusion to uphold this suspension and secure a conviction.

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