Tips for Dove Hunting in Texas

by | Feb 11, 2014 | Travel & Vacations

Dove hunting is a challenging experience but in the end the results are quite rewarding. Doves are very smart birds and they spook easily too. They are not the easiest birds to hunt and when it flight, it is even more difficult. However, some basic tips can have you on your way to a successful hunt. Here are just a few:

One of the first things you will need to do is select the shotgun you are going to use during the hunt. The best guns for dove hunting in Texas include the A 12, A 16 or A 20. An autoloader is a great idea as well because you can shoot three or even more shots within a very short time. According to federal law a repeating shotgun can be loaded with a maximum of 3 shells. Whichever gauge you pick for your gun needs to be one that you can control without too much trouble and one that will not tire you during the hunt.

Selecting the shells to use should not be much of a problem when you go dove hunting. 7.5 – 9 shells will do well because anything larger could easily destroy the bird. Use light shell loads of 1 – 11/8 of an ounce and they tend to be more accurate. Anything heavier can make your arm sore.

When it comes to dove hunting, Texas area you will need to be a good scout so that you can find them in their natural habitat. The best places to look are areas that have many trees and are near a source of water. In addition, the area needs to be close to where they can get food consistently. Doves are partial to millet, wheat and other grain crops as well as sunflowers and you should definitely consider scouting close to fields that grow these crops. Once you have found doves you need to create your blind and build it simply by using leaves and limbs. If you construct something more complicated the doves will notice it – remember they are smart. In addition movement will be constrained in a more elaborate structure.

You will need to master various shots when before dove hunting in Texas. If a dove is flying at ta leisurely pace you may not have a challenge. However if it is startled you will have to draw a bead on it before you can shoot. If it is coming towards you aim at the beak and just before it reaches you pull the trigger.

Dove hunting in Texas can be a difficult experience for anyone. Here are some tips for you to review that can make it easier and more pleasant.

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