Large Scrap Items that Require a Dumpster in Atlantiic City

Deconstruction is an opportunity to score a little extra cash for projects. While recycling wire, scraps of pipe and other small things don’t require a lot of space, there are some items that are just too big for a box. In these cases, you really need to bring out the size and capacity of a dumpster. The size and the weight of these materials make it difficult to put on the back of a truck.

One of the things that is difficult to scrap without a dumpster is the boiler. Scrap boilers are often a very odd shape and size. Depending on the boiler, they can also be very heavy to transport by hand. Some even require the services of heavy equipment. Thus, getting a Dumpster Atlantic City is a better option to recycle the boiler than trying to load it on a truck. Plus, the dumpster makes it easier to dispose of the boiler.

Another thing that is difficult to scrap is air conditioning systems. Not all air conditioning units are window units. Industrial air conditioning units are especially challenging to scrap without a Dumpster Atlantic City. Often, these air conditioning units have multiple connections that are also prime for scrapping. Thus, it makes sense to transport all of these items to the scrap yard at the same time to help minimize the amount of trips made to the dump.

The furnace is another big item that requires a Dumpster Atlantic City. The furnace contains a bunch of heating elements that are prime scrap materials. The furnace is also very heavy and challenging to move. The height of the furnace is a concern if it is placed in the back of a regular truck. This can be a huge safety issue because the rear vision is obscured in a regular truck.

Large scrap items are easier to transport in a dumpster. Their size, weight and shape are all challenges in making sure that the scrap metal makes it to the scrap yard safely and in a condition to be scraped. Thus, you should exercise this option when you have large items to scrap.



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