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A person’s dental health is often something that gets neglected due to their busy personal schedules, which can prevent them from having the time necessary each morning or evening to brush and rinse. This can become a serious problem health wise over time. The longer they neglect their teeth, the higher the risk of disease and infection can get. This is why most New Jersey dentists often advise patients to brush as often as possible, and to try not to miss a morning or evening brushing if at all possible. The cleaner you can keep your teeth at home on your own, the less chance there will be for a bad infection to crop up and cause a tooth to rot away or break due to it becoming weak.

When teeth become too weak due to infections or bad dental hygiene, they often require a tooth extraction and replacement to resolve the situation. Most teeth at this point are beyond repair, which is why most dentists will prefer to replace them. While many patients have relied upon dentures in the past for replacing lost or extracted teeth, dental implants are quickly becoming the norm for tooth replacement in today’s modern society. There are many patients that rely on an Implant Dentist in Short Hills NJ 07078 to help them replace their teeth once they’ve been taken out or lost, due to the health benefits that implants have over dentures.

The main benefit, is the fact that the anchor used to hold the implant in place will act as the original tooth’s bone would have. As you chew with the implant, the anchor will excite the bone it’s anchored in and promote bone growth over time. Dentures, on the other hand, tend to flatten and compact the bone over time as you chew. Most patients with dentures will require bone grafts in their future, to rebuild this compacted damage. Dentures also have the downside of requiring new fittings over time, due to the gums changing shape over time, causing the dentures to no longer fit properly. For more information on dental procedures and advice on keeping your teeth healthy, you can click here to visit a very informative Implant Dentist in Short Hills NJ 07078 website.

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