Consulting with Car Accident Attorneys in Suffolk County, NY

by | May 8, 2014 | Lawyers

What if the worst day of your life occurred due to involvement in a car accident and you were seriously injured? The financial losses, coupled with the physical and emotional difficulties, may have you headed straight to the courtroom. Should you file a lawsuit? Will you win the case if you do?

A legal action of this magnitude must be researched and well-thought out beforehand with the assistance of car accident attorneys in Suffolk County. The United States Association of Trial Lawyers state the average amount paid to the plaintiff in similar situations is $60,000.00. This data proves legal actions can be won if the case is strong and justified by the plaintiff.

The plaintiff should consider the questions listed below:

Can a case be won if a lawsuit is filed?

This will involve evidence to be provided by the plaintiff. This includes any number of proof or evidence showing the injuries you sustained were due to the defendant. Research the law to be sure certain laws were broken in your individual case. By knowing the specific laws broken, you will be able to build a stronger case. Contact witnesses and work to get them to testify on your behalf. For instance, contact people who saw the accident. Also, if a police report was filed, ask the officer in charge to testify on your behalf.

Do you have the money to pursue legal action?

Attorney fees can be expensive with the annual cost of civil lawsuits being as high as $233 billion according to the U.S Association of Trial Lawyers. Some attorneys work on a contingency basis in cases of personal injury, which means you would pay nothing until your case is won, but make sure before you proceed.

Lawsuits are expensive for all of the parties involved. Yet, studies show 84% of plaintiffs who take legal action are rewarded with compensation of some amount. By asking yourself the right questions and consulting with car accident attorneys Suffolk County NY, you may have a case that can be found a won.

Meeting with an attorney at the Law Office of Matthew Glassman and receiving legal advice prior to filing a lawsuit is highly recommended.

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