Installation of Oil Tanks Westchester County NY

There comes a time every year when the weather change, this is usually followed by a significant change in temperatures depending on the area you live in, and temperatures, can dip as low as fifty degrees Celsius on the negative scale. When temperatures go this low, it can be very hazardous for human beings and can lead to cold related complications such as hypothermia or respiratory track complications. In order to prevent this, indoor heating systems should be used. Oil heating systems that make use of oil stored in oil tanks outside the house, underground or in the basement are one of the most popular low cost heating systems that have been used for years.

These heating systems provide heat by making use of oil as fuel to heat up water which is then sent into the house through a series of pipes running along the walls. Oil is the preferred form of fuel since it is less costly and burns in a much slower way as compared to other forms of fuels which are very volatile and can be very hazardous.

Oil tanks, Westchester county NY are sold and installed separately because the installation of oil tanks is a process that is totally different from installation of heating systems. Heating systems are installed by the air-conditioning experts and may take several days laying pipes in the building and ensuring that heat is distributed accordingly to the number of rooms required.

Oil tank installation involves identifying the best and safest place to install the oil tank, some homes have their tanks installed in the basement, and underground tanks can be placed below the ground surface with just a little part left on the surface for the purposes of refilling. Underground tanks require a form of fuel pump to get the oil into the burner. The oil tanks placed in the ground can last several years depending on the materials they are made from, stainless and fibre glass are amongst the common types of materials that are used to manufacture tanks.

These are the preferred materials since they are not affected by rust like other metallic tanks. There are also special fibre glass tanks that have been reinforced to make them more durable for underground installation. Although stainless steel tanks are very durable, they are more expensive as compared to fibre glass, it is for this reason that more homes are going for fibre glass oil tanks, Westchester county NY.

The process of installation of underground oil tanks can only be carried out with authorisation from the proper authority since it involves excavation to create room in the ground for the tank. This can be done by the contractor you hire to do the work.

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