Professional Radon Removal in Pittsburgh PA Is Essential When Levels Are High

Radon Removal in Pittsburgh PA is essential when a home has elevated levels of this substance, as radon is a significant risk factor for lung cancer. A company such as Omega Radon provides testing and mitigation services to reduce the amount of radon gas in buildings. Mitigation is accomplished with a specialized exhaust system with components such as a suction pipe, ducting and an exhaust fan. The system disperses the gas above the eaves of the house.

Radon can’t be detected by the senses of humans — or other animals — because it has no odor or taste, and it’s invisible. When elevated levels are discovered through testing, Radon Removal in Pittsburgh PA is essential because the gas is radioactive. The substance is responsible for most cases of lung cancer except for those caused by smoking. When a smoker lives in a house with elevated radon levels, he or she increases the cancer risk substantially.

How does radioactive gas appear in the local environment and get into buildings, causing a need for Radon Removal in Pittsburgh PA? The substance develops when uranium in soil and rocks breaks down. This chemical element — a heavy metal — is an excellent source of concentrated energy, making it useful in the nuclear power industry. However, in a power plant, the radioactive material is controlled and secured, and thus cannot harm anyone.

As uranium decomposes in the natural environment, its radioactive gas typically enters buildings through cracks in the foundation or basement walls. It can also enter through drains. It accumulates in the building unless it can continually escape through open windows or doors. Oddly enough, the gas can also enter the building through these sources if the radon levels in the soil are high enough and the windows are close to the ground.

Without professional Radon Removal in Pittsburgh PA, the gas has little opportunity for escape. This is not a problem if the radon levels are low, but worrisome when they reach a level known to be hazardous. Contact a radon testing and mitigation service soon to discover whether your home is safe from this substance.

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