Geothermal Cooling Facts

Green-living and energy efficiency are growing in popularity as the condition of our world is being more widely recognized by its inhabitants. With the rumors of the world’s energy supply changing, environmental issues are becoming a major concern for all today. Using eco-friendly products and staying as energy efficient as possible through the purchase of consumer goods is one way that you can make a difference in this big world.

Geothermal Cooling Systems were invented to make use of the energy generated by the heat coming from deep inside the earth. It is also one way of using an alternative energy source that can be used naturally to cool down your home. Geothermal Cooling makes use of the huge amounts of energy straight from a few feet underground in your home backyard. During summers the heating from the surroundings within the house is provided via pump to the system of pipes under the ground. The ground source pumps rely on an energy exchange between the air within your indoor living space and the air in the earth beneath your living space.

A Geothermal Heat Pump moves heat from your home into the earth to provide air conditioning and cool your home. By using a Geothermal Heat Pump you can save as much as 70% on your cooling bills. It can easily be installed in commercial as well as residential areas with the help of geothermal pump contractors.

The geothermal cooling system is a practical option for individuals looking to do their part to keep a healthier, green living environment. To install this system you will need a professional to visit your living space and survey your area. This system has become popular in heating and cooling homes around the world and is making a great contribution towards the protection of the environment.

Those considering geothermal cooling would do well to consider this option as one of the best choices for saving money, conserving energy and efficiently cooling the home. The combined benefits are so rewarding that there may be an insurgence of homes using geothermal cooling as a way to stay cool during the hotter months.

Savings realized from using a geothermal system can be increased by keeping window shades drawn on the sunny side of a building. Planting deciduous trees that will produce summer shade but allow the sun’s warmth to reach the home during the winter will also help. Installing a programmable thermostat that will cool the building only when it is occupied is another measure. Couple these with a geothermal system for more energy savings and efficiency. For more information contact R.A. Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

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