Your Options for Repairing Your Transmission in Shingle Springs, CA

by | Jan 3, 2014 | Automotive

If you call the Shingle Springs, California area home and you drive a car, one of the worst things that you can find out is that your vehicle has a transmission problem. While some problems can be minor and can be fixed with little expense, if your transmission has totally failed which unfortunately does happen many times, you’re looking at the prospect of having to replace the entire transmission in your vehicle. If you have a late model car, you may find that the cost of replacing your transmission is simply more than the vehicle is worth. However, if you can’t afford to purchase another car and you need a vehicle, there are options you have for replacing your transmission in Shingle Springs CA.

What many people think when it comes time to replace their transmission is that they will need a brand-new transmission. You can go with this option, but you’re going to find a brand-new transmission is going to be the most expensive option you’ll have. A refurbished transmission is a better option. These transmissions that have been removed from vehicles that use the same transmission your vehicle uses and the transmissions are taken to a refurbishing facility where they are disassembled, reconditioned, reassembled and sold as rebuilt transmissions.


Another option you’ll have is to rebuild your existing transmission. If there are problems with synchronizers or problems with specific gears, these transmissions can be rebuilt and reinstalled in your vehicle at minimal cost. What option is best for you is going to be determined by the damage incurred by your transmission. If you have a catastrophic failure where the casing of your transmission has become damaged, the chances are quite good that you’re going to need a new or rebuilt transmission. If internal parts of the transmission simply aren’t working properly, you may be able to rebuild your existing transmission and save yourself a bit of money.

Regardless of which option you choose with your transmission in Shingle Springs CA you’ll need a quality repair facility handling any of your transmission issues. Whether it’s a new transmission, a refurbished transmission or whether it’s rebuilding your own transmission, mechanical experts can facilitate whatever is necessary so that you can have your car up and running again with as little expense to you as possible.

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