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Andover, in Hampshire lies north west of Winchester and en route to the Southampton coast. It is mentioned in the Doomsday book as having one hundred and seven male adult inhabitants and very likely had a population of around five hundred people. This made Andover quite a large town in those days and its close proximity to the south coast added to its growth. King Richard I gave Andover certain rights, back in 1175, to form a merchants guild, taking over governance of the town. By 1201 King John allowed the towns elected officials to collect the Royal taxes for the town and around 1295 Andover had elected members of Parliament.

Ravaged by fire in 1435—the first time being in 1141—the town made a miraculous recovery over the years and is now one of the main hub towns of the south. It is also known for its connections to the military. These could be some of the main reasons why people visit Andover each year. It will also be the main reason why there is a regular need for hotels and bed & breakfasts in Andover Hampshire. When visitors arrive in Andover they experience a true feeling of the southern English countryside. They also see an extremely accurate view of the historical context of the town, with its old workhouse.

If you are planning to visit the area you may need a hotel in order to stay overnight to explore the area or visit places of interest. Andover is very close to many areas in the south and south west of England and you can easily reach Bath, the south coast—Bournemouth, Eastbourne, Southampton, the Isle of Wight and other areas of interest without much trouble. It is useful to have or hire a car to get to those places, but if you wish to travel to the south coast you can easily access that by train from Andover.

A quality hotel should have clean and comfortable beds, tea and coffee making facilities, a clean bathroom with a good shower and the usual towels and extra pillows. Many hotels offer extra services, such as Wi-Fi, free to hotel users and a complimentary breakfast for those staying with them. You might also check if they offer a free daily cleaning service as well as laundry, in case you need your laundry done. If you do have a car you could also benefit from checking whether the hotel you choose has a free parking facility, as some don’t. However, because Andover is not as busy as many other towns it may well have such a facility and be well lit and close enough to the reception area for you to walk in.

To find information about bed & breakfast in Andover contact Quality Hotel Andover to find out about their accommodation, prices and services.

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