Buy Key Accessories Wholesale to Improve Organization

by | Apr 29, 2013 | Business Services

There’s more to the key business than just opening doors. Consumers can deck out their keys with accessories as a way of personalization or organization. Look for key accessories wholesale to find the best price on these little items, and provide more options to customers.

Key organization

Anything that can be connected to a key, a set of keys or used to organize keys is referred to as an accessory. Key identifiers, rings and caps can be used to help distinguish one specific key from the rest of the bunch. Consumers with large quantities of keys can use brightly colored caps to identify the frequently used keys. Rings can be used to break the keys up into different groups.

Prevent keys from being lost or stolen

There are products available to help consumers hide important keys at home or the workplace. One product is a hidden wall safe that looks like an ordinary wall outlet. There are other similar safes for hiding keys and other valuables, including a book safe and a popcorn can safe.

Any customer with a boat would benefit from a floater key chain. The float accessory ensures the keys will float on the water rather than falling to the bottom of the lake or ocean. A wallet key holder gives the consumer an opportunity to hide a spare key in his or her wallet, just in case. There are many options to help customers organize keys with key accessories wholesale.

Useful key chains

Some of the more popular key accessories are key chains that serve an alternate purpose. Bottle openers can be useful to many customers, and they come in various shapes, sizes and colors. The different shapes include bicycles, guitars, sharks, guns and dolphins. Common colors are red, green, orange and blue.

An LED key chain light can be useful for the camper or anyone who travels at night. Consider buying key accessories wholesale in bulk for your customers who may want a flashlight or a laser pointer key chain. Whistles are also available for gym teachers or safety purposes.

Lanyards and IDs are often used for anyone who needs to wear an ID badge at work. Employers can purchase the lanyards and clear ID case for workers in nearly any industry. The ID would have to be ordered separately from another company, and may allow employees access to a particular building or section of a building.

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