West End Hotels for Every Budget

by | Apr 29, 2013 | Travel

For those planning to visit the English capital of London this year, you will have plenty to see and enjoy. The plethora of sights to see, architecture to explore and appreciate, theatres to experience and attractions to visit could mean that your vacation is filled to the brim with special days and happy memories. Of course, it is important that when you visit London you have a reliable hotel that you can stay at, which offers all the usual amenities and facilities. Many hotels in London West End have three star, four stars, or five stars, but you will not be short of regular hotels for those travelers on a budget. Every hotel in London caters for a certain type of traveler, be they a business traveler or a traveler on vacation.

Business travelers often visit London to attend meetings or conferences and these are commonly held in hotels. Many hotels cater for business travelers and vacationing travelers at the same time. If you are visiting London to see a theatre show or production you will probably need a hotel close enough that you can walk to and from it and there are many around the west end area. Most of the hotels will be on side streets, with the exception of a few, such as the Savoy, in the Strand. Because of the amount of hotels in the London area you might find it difficult to choose which one would suit you best.

Suggestions for Finding a Suitable Hotel

First, make a list of your requirements. Write down whether you are sightseeing, visiting relatives, shopping, going to the theatre, going to a concert, or whatever else your reason is for visiting. Then work out your budget. You may be working to an average budget in which you will want to save as much money as possible on accommodation so that you have more expendable cash for your visit. It is important to remember that London is a very expensive city to live and visit and you may need to find a budget hotel that can offer most of the services, facilities and amenities of a more expensive one, but charges less per night. You can choose a hostel or a bed & breakfast, if a hotel is too expensive for your pocket.

If you need free Wi-Fi you can check with the reception desk and ask if they offer it. You can also ask if they offer a free complimentary cooked breakfast as well as maid service or laundry services for free. Some hotels have different priorities and many budget hotels will charge for extra services, so make sure you know in advance, before you book, to avoid disappointments.

To find information about hotels in London’s West End contact the Astors Hotel Victoria to find out about their accommodation, prices and services.

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