Hit by another Car on the Strip? Call an Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas

Riding down the Las Vegas Strip is a dream come true for many tourists. However, as they are mesmerized by the bright lights and extreme architecture, they may lose sight of the road. If a person is injured by one of these drivers, they should contact an Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas practice. Personal injury law allows a person to recoup the cost of medical treatment and lost income from the person who wasn’t paying attention and caused the accident. If the injured person dies, then family members also have the right to file a lawsuit.

Often a person doesn’t realize that they’ve been injured in an auto accident. They may be in a state of shock that the paramedics don’t identify. Traumatic brain injuries can take days or weeks to fully manifest themselves. Their early symptoms can be so mild, that the patient may not take them seriously. Whiplash injuries can run a similar course. The injured party might just think that they’re just a little stiff the first or second day. Then they start to have massive headaches or numb arms or limbs. The longer they wait, the more likely that the insurance company will claim the symptoms are unrelated to the accident. Back problems are common in the United States and almost every adult has had an episode of lower back pain. Insurance companies may use this type of medical history to deny a whiplash claim. If this happens the injured person should contact an Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas practice.

Injured people might not think that they have enough money to Seek Attorney help. They should know that most personal injury attorneys will give a free consultation. At this meeting they will review the facts of the accident and determine if the victim has a case. If they think that the injured party can prove negligence, then they take the case on a contingency basis. The injured person doesn’t have to pay attorney’s fees out of their pocket. If the law firm wins a cash settlement, then they take a percentage. It’s the law firm that will pay to mount the lawsuit and takes all of the financial risk.


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