Divorce is Tough; You Need an Attorney

Divorce can be a scary time; filled with insecurities about the future. To make sure that you receive every dollar and piece of property or assets that you deserve, you are going to need an attorney in the Long Island area to help you out. Most of the time both people want as much as they can get and would really leave the other person with nothing if they could get away with it. This is why the divorce process takes so long and can get very complicated. When children are involved it gets even lengthier and complicated, because both parents usually want the children to live with them the majority of the time. Before a judge rules on the boundaries of the divorce, both parties will go through divorce mediation in Long Island.

Divorce Mediation
Divorce mediation is a process where both parties and their lawyers get together to discuss who is going to get what. Custody, child support, distribution of assets, money and property as well as visitation rights will all be discussed in mediation. After everyone has come to an agreement the paperwork will be drawn up, signed by both parties and filed in the court. A judge will then sign off on the papers and both parties have to adhere to the bylaws of the divorce agreement. The mediation process can take a very long time, especially if there are a lot of assets to distribute. Both parties’ lawyers will work with each other and with their clients to ensure that everything is distributed fairly and within the limits of the law.

Judge’s Ruling
When the judge signs those papers they will go into effect either immediately or as stated in the divorce agreement. However, this does not mean that you cannot change the agreement later on. This is where you hear about 7 year custody battles and ex-wives who clean their former’s husband’s bank accounts. You can hire a lawyer and fight to get your way as long as you have the money to pay them. If for some reason later on down the road, you want more child support, more alimony, or more visitation with your children, you will go back into mediation and if needed the judge will rule again on the matter.

If you are looking for an attorney that will be on your side through divorce mediation in Long Island contact the office of Jaspan Schlesinger LLP. They can be reached on the web at Jaspanllp.com or by calling 516-746-8000

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