Information About Cosmetic Dentistry in Reston

Cosmetic Dentistry Reston area can offer many benefits to those who choose to undergo some of the procedures to improve their smiles. By making a choice to change a smile, a person is sure to become more confident and that feeling will spill over in every aspect of life. When one decides to make the plunge, he or she needs to come to an understanding with the dentist about his or her needs and desires so that a cosmetic dentistry plan can be made. Lots of choices are available.

Bonded fillings are a popular way to change the look of teeth. The color is made to match the patient’s tooth. They keep out decay and look natural. This material is strong and lasts for many years. For teeth that are in good health and condition, but unsightly, veneers may be a solution. These are typically made of a very thin layer of porcelain that is overlaid on a tooth. This can be done for one tooth or many, and offers immediate benefits. The option is only good for people who don’t have major dental issues, as it removes a very small amount of enamel in the process, to improve adherence of the veneers.

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular forms of Cosmetic Dentistry Reston area, because the procedure is inexpensive, easy to complete, and offers immediate benefits to a person’s smile. Sometimes this is completed in the dentist’s office over a couple of visits. Many offer specially fitted trays for patients to take home for use with a special whitening solution.

The ultimate cosmetic dentistry artifice is a crown. Crowns are used to fix issues with breakage, severe decay, trauma, and gum disease. They are often used to strengthen a tooth after a root canal. They are good for teeth that still have a good root as well. Crowns made of today’s modern material can last for many years.

Cosmetic dentistry can be costly, but the investment is worth it. People often form opinions based on first impressions, like it, or not. An excellent smile can mean the difference between not interacting with others often, and making contacts that can be helpful in one’s career.

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